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Framer Modules

Framer Modules

There’s a lot of great Framer modules that other designers and developers have created that you can download and use in your own prototypes. I’ve collected some of my favorites here for you to check out.

Framer Audio Player by Benjamin den Boer

music player module

If you’re prototyping with audio in Framer, this module takes care of all the common audio interactions for you while allowing you to customize the progress bars, volume, time display and more. It also includes lots of examples to learn from.

Equally Rotate Images by Jacky Lee

rotate module

This Framer module automatically rotates a series of images for you. You can setup your images in Sketch and it will automatically figure out where to place them so they rotate equally from one another.

Flip Card by Jacky Lee

flip module

Pass in two layers and this module will create a flip interaction between them on click.

Sticky Stamps by Luis Mena

Sticky Module

A module to create scroll components with sticky stamps in Framer.

Text Layer by Andreas Wahlström

text layer module

This Framer module makes it easy to add text to your prototypes. It allows you to do things like autosize a layer based on text length and style, make text editable, or create a quick list.

Material Design by Pete Schaffner

Set Google material design properties for your Framer layers including the elevation, surface reaction, color, and ripple.

Orientation Events by Josh Tucker

orientation module

Handle device orientation events using the accelerometer.

View Navigation Controller by Chris Camargo

A simple controller that allows you to transition between views with just a couple lines of code.

Shortcuts for Framer by Cemre Gungor

A collection of useful functions to make mobile prototyping with Framer easier. You can use functions like .fadeIn() to fade in a layer without having to setup all the properties yourself or listen to events like instead of myLayer.on Events.Click.


Framer Studio modules work with NPM, a package manager where thousands of JavaScript packages like jQuery and Backbone are published.

Do you have a Framer module you love to use or one you think would be really useful? Let me know in the comments below.

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