Framer Resources

Framer Resources

There is a lot out there if you want to expand your knowledge on Framer. I’ll be keeping an updated collection of the best Framer links, articles, videos, presentations, and even people to follow.

Official Links

Video Course

Articles / Sites


Stripe Speaker Series: Designing with Framer

FORM SF 2014: Panel – Design Tooling

Framer Meetup 2014 – Koen Bok


Mobile Apps

Team Framer on Twitter

Framer – The official Framer Twitter account
Koen Bok – Created Framer
Jorn van Dijk – Framer Maker
Benjamin den Boer – Designer at Framer
Giel Cobben – Designer at Framer
Jonas Treub – Product Engineer at Framer
Edwin van Rijkom – Works at Framer

Designers using Framer on Twitter

Kenny Chen – Prototyping with Framer, UX Design Weekly
Jay Stakelon – VP Product Design at Fullscreen
Noah Levin – Product Designer at Google
Paul Stamatiou – Designer at Twitter
Ed Chao – Design at Dropbox
Min-Sang Choi – Interaction Designer at Google
Josh Tucker – Designer/Prototyper
Cemre Güngör – Product Designer at Facebook
Tisho Georgiev – Product Designer/Developer at Groupon
Jon Gold – Designer at The Grid
Michael Feldstein – Engineer, Prototyper
George Kedenburg – Product Designer at Facebook

Is there a Framer resource you think I’m missing? Let me know in the comments below.

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Hi, I'm Kenny - a UX Designer from Los Angeles who believes that beautiful, subtle movement enhances the user experience and makes products more engaging, dynamic, and memorable. My goal with Prototyping with Framer is to help you design amazing interaction and animation prototypes.